Morozoff Pudding Jars

Php40 each |

*Morozoff is a confectionery and cake company headquartered in Kobe, Japan. Since its founding in 1931 by Fedor Dmitrievich Morozoff, a white emigre from Russia, Morozoff has grown and now has 767 restaurants and cafes across Japan. 

Use these Morozoff jars as serving cups for your favorite pudding recipe or repurpose them into rustic votive candle holders.  I just love them! 🙂  Read a very interesting story about Morozoff pudding cups here.

Measures 2″ in diameter x 2 1/4″ in height |  Available stock:  12  10  6  / 12

ADOS morozoff pudding jars8 ADOS morozoff pudding jars2ADOS morozoff pudding jars5


Any questions?  Write me a note on the comments section below. 🙂

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Happy shopping!



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